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Price Elections / Crop Prices

Conventional Crop Prices 2017

Corn $3.96
Soybeans $10.19

Sugar Beets $44.50

Wheat $4.74
BTS $0.30
DRK $0.36

Navy $0.31

SMR $0.32

Organic Crop Prices 2017

Org. Corn $9.06

Org Soybean $20.52
Org. Wheat $9.88
Organic BTS $0.60
Organic DRK $0.72

Organic Navy $0.62

Organic SMR $0.64

Contract Pricing 2017

The Contract Price Addendum (CPA) allows you, as an Organic or Conventional producer who has a written contract from a buyer the ability to insure your crop at the contract price.  If RMA’s actuarial documents specify the availability of contract pricing, you may use your contract price to determine your projected price, harvest price, or price election, as applicable.  To choose contract pricing, you must choose it by the sales closing date and provide a copy of the contract to your insurance agent by the acreage reporting date.

Crop Insurance for Michigan Farmers

Our roots run deep in risk management, and we understand better than most Michigan insurance companies that it’s not enough to simply sell a farmer a policy. We provide our agents with the tools and knowledge to help farmers recognize the opportunities within each policy. Call us today so we can discuss your specific crop insurance needs! Michael Sahr Crop Insurance Agency is an equal opportunity provider.

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