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Crop Insurance Plans

Yield Protector (YP):

The Yield Protection plan offers a producer protection against yield loss related to unavoidable perils, such as disease, weather, wild-life or insects. Coverage is based on the producer’s Actual Production History (APH) and an Established or Projected Market Price that is set by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation(FCIC). Coverage Levels are available from 50% up to 85% of the producers APH.

Revenue Protector (RP/RPHPE):

The Revenue Protection option offers a producer protection against a loss of yield, as above, as well as protection against commodity price fluctuations. Coverage is based on the producer’s Actual Production History (APH) and a base price established by FCIC. Coverage Levels are available from 50% up to 85% of the producers APH.

Area Yield Protection (AYP):

Area Yield Protection (AYP) is designed as a risk management tool to insure against widespread loss of production of the insured crop in a county. AYP is primarily intended for use by those producers whose farm yields tend to follow the average County Yield. AYP is a county-based insurance product that pays the producer an indemnity in the event the Final County Yield falls below the Trigger Yield selected by the producer.

Area Revenue Protection (ARP/ARPHPE):

Area Revenue Protection (ARP) covers against loss of yield due to county production loss and loss of revenue due to a county level production loss, price decline, or combination of both. ARP is a county-based revenue insurance product that pay the producer in the event the final county revenue falls below the Trigger Revenue level selected by the producer.

Production Cost Insurance (PCI):

PCI is a multi-peril insurance for crop farms, based on the farm’s financial performance.  There are two main components of PCI.  Fixed Cost Margin Coverage (FCMC) and Input Costs Coverage (ICC).  Input costs are seed, chemical and fertilizers.  PCI is not subsidized by the Federal Government so producers aren’t required to comply with Farm Service Agency.

Whole Farm Coverage:

Whole farm revenue protection provides coverage against the loss of revenue that you expect to earn, or will obtain from commodities you produce or purchase for resale during the insurance period under one insurance policy. This is a subsidized product designed to meet the needs of a diverse farm with a wide range of commodities.

Pasture, Rangeland, Forage:

Pasture, Rangeland, Forage policy is a rainfall index policy used to protect hay or grazing ground.

Supplemental Coverage:

There are several supplemental policies that are designed to enhance your primary MPCI policy. Supplemental policies must be purchased in conjunction with an existing MPCI policy; product offerings vary by crop.

Hail Insurance:

Covers for losses due to hail. Will pay a loss from 1% to 100%. You can pick the fields you wish to cover. A very reasonable cost to give added protection. Also includes coverage for vandalism and transit to your farm.

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