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Why Do You Need Crop Insurance?

Michigan Crop Insurance

Michigan crop insurance.”Be Prepared!” That’s good advice for farmer’s. In fact, one of the most difficult tasks farmers face is being prepared for unknown events. Being prepared means not only avoiding and/or minimizing negative events, but being able to take advantage of positive events. This is the essence of risk management; being prepared to successfully respond to unforeseen negative and positive events.

About Us

MICHAEL SAHR CROP INSURANCE is licensed to serve all of Michigan with both conventional and organic crop insurance. We also offer Precision and Automated Crop Reporting. This agency is an equal opportunity provider. Our agents can be reached by calling 800-345-7247 or 989-868-4722.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide a service with honesty, integrity and professionalism, to help producers be profitable and manage risk.

Let us help you to have more peace of mind. Transfer the risk from your assets to the insurance company’s.